In-depth analyses of critical topics in project management provide rich insights into the practice and how it is most effectively applied.

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Published Papers

  • Risk Management - Alternative Perspectives, Cutter Consortium, Arlington, MA (2007)
  • Standardizing the Standards–A look at PMBOK3, PRINCE2, and ISO 10006, Cutter Consortium, Arlington, MA (2005)
  • Creating a Risk Culture, Cutter Consortium, Arlington, MA (2004)
  • Advanced Risk-How Big is Your Crystal Ball?, PMI National Symposium, Houston, TX (2000)
  • Building a Work Breakdown Structure-A Lesson in Conflict, ProjectWorld, N/A, MA (2000)
  • Using an Internet-Based Approach to Project Management Instruction, PMI National Symposium, Houston, TX (1999)
  • Risk in the Virtual World, ProjectWorld, N/A, MA (1998)
  • Keeping the Platform Alive: Project Management Training in the 21st Century, PMI National Symposium, Houston, TX (1998)